Tie Bar
A high tensile tie bar of 15 mm coarse thread.
It is compatible with most tie system.


Wing Nut 101
Of high quality malleable cast material..


Wing Nut 102
With flange plate.


Wing Nut 103
With pivoted, captive nut.


Rib Washer
Used to distribute the load of the tie bar into
supporting members.


Flanged Water Bar
To be used in water retaining structure.


Tie Cone Nut
To be used different anchor tie applications,
and to have an efficient way in water retaining structure.


Concrete Anchor
Anchorage where full load of tie bar to be
developed in different application. 


Spring Clip
Heavy duty, galvanized, applicable up to 12 mm
diameter steel rod.


Tenstioner Lever
Used to tie the spring clip.


Swivel Coupler
Of 48.3 x 48.3 mm to be used with brancing
pipe at different angles.


Right Coupler
Of 48.3 x 48.3 mm to be used with bracing pipe.


Universal Jack
Used at both top and bottom scaffold
standard to give fine adjustment


Spacer Tube
Used as protection for the tie bar,
cut to length on site.


Plastic cone
Used at the two ends of the spacer tube.


Plastic Cap
To seal holes in formwork.


Plastic adaptor
Used with flanged water bar.


Wheeled Spacer
Suitable for postioning vertical reinforcement
in walls, columns, and precast products.

WS 20/8-12 20 8-12
WS 25/6-10 25 6-10
WS 25/10-16 25 10-16
WS 30/8-12 30 8-12
WS 30/14-19 30 8-12
WS 40/8-12 40 8-12
WS 40/12-16 40 12-16
WS 40/20-26 40 20-26
WS 50/12-19 50 12-19
WS 50/20-26 50 20-26

Chair Spacer
It combines stability with high load bearing
strength, to be used with horizontal reinforcement.

SS 20 20
SS 25 25
SS 30 30
SS 40 40
SS 50 50

Chamfer Strip SA
Used for forming chamfered edges on columns, walls, parapets, etc.

B,A, C
SS 20 15 21
SS 25 20 28
SS 30 25 35
SS 40 30 42

Chamfer Strip SN
With a nailing flange to facilitate operation and
to have a better quality


Insulation Anchor
Fixing of all insolation materials to solid and
hollow support materials.